Our mission is to share and grow
the world’s knowledge.

Why we are established?

Buzrush was created with a vision – a vision to create a new online community. A community that would allow people from across the globe to share their knowledge and ask any question that is imaginable. And, one thing that we made sure is that it was free to use. So, after researching and brainstorming for months, our talented team launched community.buzrush.com in January 2020. The site has rapidly grown, become most exciting and accessible question and answer community, which we are proud of. With the diligence of each team member, the website is expanding every day – every minute.

The primary mission of the Buzrush is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. This is reason Buzrush is allowing thousands of communities to come together for endless conversation, and authentic human connection. We believe in the fact that a vast amount of the knowledge needs to be shared which is not only valuable but can also make a difference in a person’s life that is looking for answers. Questions are there, no matter what. They are either locked in people’s heads, or only accessible to selected groups. Why is that? So, we have created a platform which would allow the people to connect to the ones who have knowledge.

We aim to bring together the people with different perspectives to empower different people and share their knowledge for the benefit of the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter which topic you are searching, whether it’s a breaking news, TV fan theories, sports, or a never-ending stream of the Bollywood’s best actor, there’s a community on Buzrush for you. Community.buzrush.com is an amazing question and answers community online, established to revolutionize the techniques of how questions are answered.

If you are in need to know the answer for a question, or you’re bursting with knowledgeable answers and experiences, we have a platform for you. We give you the access to a whole world of information! What are you waiting for? Start asking or sharing now!