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ATEES Industrial Training (AIT) | iOS course in Kerala | offer iOS course in Thrissur

About The Course iOS means iPhone Operating System which is the world’s most popular mobile operating system that people use now. Technically iOS and XCODE IDE has revolutionized the mobile age of developers. Year by year, millions of users sell ...

ATEES Industrial Training (AIT) | Android course in Thrissur | Android training in Thrissur

About The Course Android is one of the latest technologies in the market. Most of the mobile applications nowadays use Android technology. This course is organized in a way that students can easily create applications for Android devices. Android is ...

7 Crucial factors before becoming a yoga teacher to consider

Deciding on a career path is not a simple process. If you are interested in the yoga profession, you have to know the following key factors before registering for a yoga teacher training certification. Not a Traditional Job Teaching yoga ...

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