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Samsung Has Created a Robot That Can Do Your Dishes and Pour You a Glass of Wine

The comedian Bill Burr’s worst nightmare is about to come true. The robots are going to get better and better, and eventually, we would never need a partner for ourselves. Would you like such a hypothetical day in the future? ...

Cardix Forte

Cosa è Cardix Forte? Cardix Forte è un integratore prodotto per migliorare la tua salute curando le malattie cardiache, il funzionamento cognitivo del nostro corpo e altri benefici. ...

Pavel Durov Claims That the Telegram Has Generated 25 Million Users in Just Three Days

If the words of the Telegram founder and chief Pavel Durov can be taken at face value, then in the last 70 odd hours, Telegram has generated 25 million users globally. The founder, who was born in Russia, has made ...

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